The Rise of M-Commerce: Why you should invest in Mobile App?

M-Commerce Usage and Trends

By the end of 2017, nearly 4.77 Billion people are expected to use smartphones, capable of making mobile purchases. Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our daily lives while setting a trend is no easy task. Continue reading

Not having CMS website mobile friendly? It’s time to re-think!

Mobile CMS DevelopmentGone are the days when people used to check websites on web browsers. Most of the people browse websites on mobiles and smart phones or tablet rather than desktops and laptops. When visitors want to get information about your products, they prefer accessing your online website via mobiles. Hence, every CMS website needs to be mobile friendly. Continue reading

iPhone Development Cost: Close Sneak Peek Towards It

iPhone Development Cost

Ever since the app store was introduced by Apple, there has almost been a gold rush of sorts for the iPhone as well as iOS platform. And there has only been growth in the significance of these devices with the launch of the iPad and iPod touch. But unfortunately at the same time there has been similar growth in the growth of the development costs as well. Continue reading

How can I Build an iPhone App for My Business?

Build iPhone ApplicationApple iPhone holds the 37.8% of the overall market of the USA, it is rapidly increasing. So it is very important for any organization to have their company, product or services related application in the market to get in touch with customers. This kind of application helps your company in various ways as per your nature of the business and policy. Nowadays, many companies develop iPhone apps to grow their brand identity and business. But only a few get the full benefit of it.

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Sun Java – The Backbone of Security Applications

Secured Application JavaJava, the most popular language having cross platform, depend on Oops (Object oriented programming) concept and very famous in the community of dev which is using by approx tem million developers at present times. Java had been released in the year of 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems. Continue reading

Advancement from Mobile Screens and Laptops to Mirror Tablets

The evolution in the field of mobile phones and computers have been so incredible over such a short span of years that it seems almost non viable if one looks back to the entire progress process now. However, the technological reforms have made it feasible for the people in all the fields to accept the significance of mobiles and computers in their routine lives to such an extent that people have actually become completely dependent on these devices for performing every small as well as huge task. We, people have become completely dependent on these gadgets for our day-to-day activities and so, we are rightly termed as tech-savvy people.

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Which is the Best Mobile Operating System?

mobile osAccording to a recent research, most of the mobile app developers and users plan to use iPhone OS for future developments. 81 percent of the people prefer using Apple’s iPhone OS while 74 percent of the people prefer using Blackberry OS.

The most popular open source mobile platforms are Android and Symbian. Developers across the globe opt for Android and Symbian mobile platforms. The strong system capabilities and ease of use makes Symbian a trusted choice of many. The processing speed is quite higher as the phone memory is utilized.

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Why is Mobile Magento Website a Choice of Many?

magento mobile websiteAs the use of mobile phones and smart phones increases, it is very important for a Magento website to be a mobile website. Having a Magento mobile website increases the visibility. Mobile Magento website means that the website works well on mobile devices.

No matter whether the user uses iPhone, Android or iPad, the website is compatible with all. A mobile website generates more revenue. Your Magento store product catalogue can be integrated in the mobile admin.
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How can one page website influence your business?

Have you ever thought of having a single page website? Are you worried that the one page website design would work for you or not? If you start a new business and have limited budget, single page website can do wonders for you. You do not need to invest thousands of dollars for getting a professional website designed.

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