Advantages of HTML5 Over Flash

comparison html5 flashHTML5 basically stands for hypertext markup language. It is used for website development purpose; by the HTML codes, we decide what to appear when a user wants to see a particular website or blog and any other online links. HTML was introduced back 20 years and by the use of HTML, we are able to embed video clips, animations and other multimedia tools with the text file.

Before the inauguration of HTML 4, there were no Facebook and iPhone apps. But there were some complications with HTML 4 as it was not allowing video embedding so many companies started looking for other development plugins like QuickTime, Flash, RealPlayer and Windows Media Player. Then HTML5 arrived, it has almost all way out. It supports all rich multimedia files with fast video embedding within the code.

Adobe’s Flash Player is a third party plugin. Before the advancement of HTML, people prefer flash for building their websites and in present time to Flash is very famous for the video player. Apple products were also using Flash before adopting new options. Till the date, most of the videos are played by Flash.

In past many years, Flash is trying to remove all its drawbacks and new advancements are taking place. It is also considered as a simple video playback application. The very current model of Flash has come up with much advancement and with upgraded features.

After the recent launch of the HTML5 development process has become more flexible and easy. Here presenting the advantages of HTML 5 over Flash.

  • HTML is an open source and developed by many developers that have made it’s unique and more upgraded whereas Flash is directly owned by Adobe and its availability is free.
  • Companies like Apple, Google, and all others believe that the advanced version of HTML is best for their all devices. They earlier develop their applications on Flash but now they believe that HTML 5 is much better than any other as it supports all rich multimedia features.
  • Compatibility of Flash with Mac OSX is creating some issues; basically, it is used on desktop PCs. But now it is successful with both laptops as well as with desktops but it is creating some problem with Mac Laptop and its mobile devices. When using flash on these units its CPU is reacting like overloaded that again require more power and consumption of the battery. It shows that it is not good for laptops and mobile devices whereas HTML 5 is far better in all aspects.
  • Flash consumes more power and not compatible with touchscreen also heat up the device very soon and in comparison to it HTML 5 is not facing any issue with any device and require less access time and power consumptions. It is also compatible with touch screens
  • YouTube has Beta version running on HTML5 so watching any videos is easier comparative Flash. If you play YouTube-based videos you will realize the difference between both platforms.

There are lots more that can prove that the latest release HTML5 is much better than others. Many big companies that are using flash now have just one choice which is HTML5 for upgrading their devices.

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