How can I Build an iPhone App for My Business?

Apple iPhone holds the 37.8% of the overall market of the USA, it is rapidly increasing. So it is very important for any organization to have their company, product or services related application in the market to get in touch with customers. This kind of

Sun Java – The Backbone of Security Applications

Java, the most popular language having cross platform, depend on Oops (Object oriented programming) concept and very famous in the community of dev which is using by approx tem million developers at present times. Java had been released in the year of 1995 as a

Magento Integration with SugarCRM – Get Best of Both the Worlds

Magento, you may agree is one of the best platforms are bestowed with for e-commerce.  And to have a wonderful customer relationship management, CRM…SugarCRM development is found to be an ideal choice.  Both these systems belong to the open source solutions category and fit in

B2B Portal Helps in Effortless Shopping

B2B portal is the online directory or one stop shop for the manufacturer, suppliers, traders, secondary consumers. It facilitates global buyers while connecting them to global suppliers and direct manufacturers or vice versa.