Change the Way You Trade Through E-Commerce Sites with Volusion

Volusion eCommerce SiteVolusion started in 1999 is a popular e-Commerce solutions provider company for small and mid-sized businesses. Volusion has their headquarters at Austin and currently serve about 40,000 stores. Volusion is a one-stop shop for e-Commerce sites since they provide the web design, payment, SSL certificate, marketing, SEO, Facebook page design and domain registration also.

Volusion published a book – eCommerce for Dummies: Volusion Special Edition in August 2012. They’re giving away the book for free to their e-Commerce clients. They also offer daily e-Commerce advice on their blog The E-Commerce Authority.

Key Features
Volusion showcases its premium features to attract customers such as:

  • Merchandising – They have a list of design templates clients can choose from. They have the vZoom option using which customers can get a better view of the products showcased. They offer unlimited product list. Product comparison is another feature that helps gain customer popularity. Soft add to cart lets the customer add products to the cart while on product list page itself prompting them to keep adding more products to cart. Integrated one-page checkout and SmartMatch technologies keep the customer coming back to your site. Clients can add unlimited number of product photos to attract the customers.
  • Marketing – They let clients put daily deals and make the site content Search Engine Optimized. Clients can sell their fixed price items on eBay also easily. Volusion allows inventory management between eBay and itself. Clients can create and give away e-Coupons. Customer reviews are posted online. They send enticing mails and newsletters to customers. Customers can add products to their wish-list so that they can buy the items later.
  • Social & Mobile – Volusion is social network friendly. Products on Volusion sites can be put on Facebook and sold online through Facebook and twitter without extra effort. Customers can share your products through more than 250 social networking sites with just a click. They have a mobile-optimized version of your site which enables them to buy products on the go.
  • Site Management – Volusion has an in-built CRM tool that lets their clients manage their customers. Inventory Management System and Fast order processing makes the site equally popular with the businesses and customers. Reports provided by Volusion are in depth and very useful to the clients in knowing the position of stock and sales.
  • Security – Volusion provides a PCI certified solution to the client. Volusion has a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which makes your website easily loaded from any part of the world. A CDN is a network of computers spread across the world which delivers the requested web site from the nearest possible server. Volusion also provides user access control to make sure you decide which user can access which all administration menu items. They guarantee a 99.9% uptime owing to a world class hosting technology.
  • Support – Volusion offers 24 * 7 customer supports from a team of well-trained Volusion e-commerce developers. They also provide an extensive FAQ for the clients. Volusion has a set of educational materials for those interested in knowing more about their websites. They also offer personal assistance for clients who purchase their Gold Plan.

In addition to these world-class features, Volusion offers the best of services in terms of credit / debit card processing, web designing and marketing. They have different types of services priced differently. They offer eBay integration, loyalty rewards and customized web designing to premium clients.

World-class services, competitive pricing, maximum uptime and range of options to choose from have made Volusion the most popular e-commerce solution provider for small to medium sized business.

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