Compare Magento and PrestaShop : Magento Vs PrestaShop

Both these platforms Magento and PrestaShop are open source eCommerce solutions which can be used for product management. Multiple payment gateways can be integrated in both the types of solutions. If you need out of the box features, you should opt for Magento rather than PrestaShop. When you go for Magento, it does not have compatibility issues as Magento has more system requirements. On the other hand, PrestaShop has lower system requirements and more compatibility issues.

In terms of installation, PrestaShop is easier to install compared to Magento. PrestaShop possesses simpler attributes. PrestaShop has limited options for customization while Magento can be customized to a greater extent. If you need a powerful search box, you should choose PrestaShop. The search functionality in PrestaShop is fast too.

Magento is SEO friendly eCommerce platform. Magento is known to be SEO rich platform. Hence, it is a preferred choice of many. PrestaShop is very user friendly and the best option for the beginners. Magento is known to be very dynamic and has a lot of features. It can be difficult for the beginners to use and code Magento website.

Another benefit of using Magento is that it has a large range of themes. Eye catchy and attractive templates are the added advantage of Magento. PrestaShop has a limited variety of templates.

Magento is suitable for small and large businesses while PrestaShop is suited for small and medium sized businesses. Because of the limited services and capabilities, PrestaShop is the best for small scale industries. The software for PrestaShop is smaller in terms of MB compared to Magento.

Magento vs PrestaShop:

  • Magento is the best option if you need out of the box features because PrestaShop offers limited services and functionality.
  • Magento is known to be more SEO friendly compared to PrestaShop.
  • PrestaShop has less variety of themes than Magento has.
  • Magento is suitable for all sizes of businesses, while PrestaShop is the best option for small businesses.

Finally, We are suggesting you to choose Magento Commerce instead of PrestaShop because it’s having wide pool of developers as well as free range of modules and extensions.

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7 Replies to “Compare Magento and PrestaShop : Magento Vs PrestaShop”

  1. Comparison between Magento and PrestaShop then my vote goes to PrestaShop for small business and limited product store ONLY. Honestly, I think Magento is far better than PrestaShop due to its advanced functionalities and future development. If you add products regularly on your store than you have to choose Magento to design your store as a future requirement.


  2. In Magento Vs PrestaShop, Magento Commerce is good option due to its current growth and functionality development. Magento has some core advantages where PrestaShop could not able to beat it like it’s MVC structure, payment and shipping module, functionalities, extra coding space for modules and extensions. But PrestaShop has its own characteristics like simplicity, easy installation, search functionality and object oriented programming concept make its design more customizable.

    It’s totally depends on your business requirements, but when we go for something new than always go with best.

  3. Choice is yours what you have to choose between Magento and PrestaShop, both are good but Magento is more powerful. Both are free, easy manageable and advanced.

  4. I go with Magento Commerce; it is really software for growth. I had developed my jewelry store on Magento, I can easily manage view of products, track sales orders, very easy to manage inventory and admin panel is big but I think it is necessary. My store has good ranking over search engines, so get more visitors; overall it helps to increase my sales. I am happy with Magento!

    Note: I haven’t used PrestaShop.

  5. I preferred PrestaShop for small companies because you can get own server and SSL certificate in cheap price. PrestaShop has good control on duplicate content issue over Magento which make direct effect on search engine optimization. Magento is best for big and enterprise company, who want to get advanced feature rich eCommerce. Both have their own different characteristics on specific functionality.

  6. “When you go for Magento, it does not have compatibility issues as Magento has more system requirements. On the other hand, PrestaShop has lower system requirements and more compatibility issues.”

    Something is amis here.

    Normally, systems with more requirements will have more compatibility problems.

    I have seen this claim in other reviews as well, but zero specifics.

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