Develop Sophisticated Websites with JOOMLA

Joomla is such a powerful web development and management system. It is an awarded content management system that enables us to create internet as our home. It helps us to make websites, web links, blogs, and other important premier online applications. Its prompting features and aspects made it most popular website software among all available software.

Joomla’s features are famous for its ease-of-use and extensive knowledge pool moreover it is freely available source solution for everyone. It keeps track of every bit of content available whether it includes texts, images, video, audio, documents or anything which anyone can think to have on a website. It is also user-friendly as no need to have any technical and personal skills to manage irrespective of your website shape or size.

Joomla just strengthens up your website or web portal. Joomla is the software which powers up your websites (corporate, social, government etc.), web portals (social, commercial, community-based), online magazines, newspapers, any publications, e-commercial activities, online reservations and billings, home pages (personal, social or commercial).

Its template is designed in such a fashion to make its installation so easy that any new user or a non advanced user can do on its own in a better way. Due to its easiness and real-time response, many web developers offer a single click install services and other activities on single click so that new website set up and running within few minutes.

Developers can add creativity and great features through this CMS of PHP programming language. The Joomla developers have extensive knowledge about this CMS by which they create a fabulous and wonderful website. The Joomla plays an important role whether it is a creation of an e-commerce or art kind of website.

Joomla has a very powerful framework based on PHP and MySQL so that one can build many powerful applications which can be used, share and support by anyone.

Its special features like

  • VirtueMart for e-commerce section
  • Joomla Pack for back up
  • Community builder for profile management
  • Fireboard for social networking
  • RSS factory for free SEO tool
  • Facile & Breezing forms
  • Artio JoomSEF
  • JSASfor project development
  • Joomla Xplorer the latest ftp replacement

And many more features differentiate it with others and make it more prone to corporate clientele. It facilitates the CMS developers to add value in their work and provide those features which go beyond the available features of Joomla to the corporate clientele.

Joomla’s framework enables to develop various systems like

  • Inventory controlling and monitoring systems,
  • Product and feature catalogs
  • Data reporting and processing tools
  • Sophisticated business directories
  • Reservation and billing systems
  • Communication and integrated e-commerce systems.

Joomla is used by various renounced corporate viz.

  • MTV Networks Quizilla a social networking site
  • IHOP (Restaurant chain)
  • Citibank (Financial institution intranet)
  • Outdoor Photographer (Magazine)
  • Harvard University (Educational)
  • IHOP (Restaurant chain)
  • The Green Maven (Eco-resources)
  • Senso Interiors (Furniture design) etc.

…almost all industries are facilitated by its features. It is the most popular CMS source available for the vibrant and growing community and renounced developers.

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  1. Main benefits of Joomla is that “Joomla is freeware and having more inbuilt security compare to other available PHP CMS in the market.” Overall, Joomla is very trustable tool for website development.

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