Why Drupal 8? Key Features for Drupal Developers & Store Owners

Drupal Development  Drupal 8 is the latest version of a powerful web CMS of the world. It has developed immense capabilities to address present intricate needs of modern businesses by providing out-of-box features and functionality, and you must accustom to all.


Do you know Drupal is the most powerful CMS (Content Management System) in the world, which is empowering the White House like massive government websites, LG & Pfizer like big enterprise web portals, GRAMMY awards and NBC Olympics like extreme traffic bursting sites, educational institutions web portals with heavy content, and several dynamic websites bolstering with user generated content.

All these sites are loading with light speed, without crashing or breaking, and provide exceptional user experiences using 200+ features of Drupal and its unmatched technologies.

In order to keep the pace with time and tech innovations, Drupal community has decided to update the platform by releasing Drupal 8 version as the latest, greatest, and feature rich release of the enterprise web CMS.

What’s New?

  • Drupal 8 is a concentrated innovation effort made by an open source web software development community.
  • It enables enterprises and businesses to drive values and streamline work flow.
  • It offers new capabilities for successful and awesome digital experiences that are hard to imagine.
  • It has something for everyone attached to it to support online content and digital experiences in your enterprise/organization.
  • It can please the decision makers, site admins, internet marketers, content managers, web programmers, web architects, and other IT pros working for your business or organization.
  • It brings obvious blessings to achieve digital success.

New Drupal Features that you may Love

Drupal 8 has many outstanding features to make happy not only developers but site owners or site webmaster too, who are working directly without any help from Drupal developers to manage big scale web portals using the Drupal technologies.

Features for Site Owners:

The community thrives on Drupal site owners who are spending their fortunes on Drupal website development, maintenance, and upgrade. Therefore, offering them comfort and convenience has utmost significance.

Considering the demands, Drupal 8 has some exclusive features and functionality to satisfy them and keep loyal to Drupal platform.

1. Mobile First Approaches

Mobile-friendliness of your website/web application is a mandatory requirement by search engines and most importantly by target audience available on mobile devices. To honor the demands, Drupal 8 is completely responsive and mobile-friendly by consisting of built-in themes following responsive web design standards and features.

Be it backend, frontend, images, tables, or content layouts. It takes mobile first approaches to adapt different screen sizes, resolutions, and respecting touch gestures to provide native-like experiences on various mobile platforms.

Thus, Drupal site owners or webmasters can access and play with mobile backend while on the go using mobile devices.

2. Symfony Powered Drupal Backend

Website backend experiences are a part of UX design and providing tons of modules, themes, and tools means empowering the UX designers more.

Symfony 2 is aiming to ease the life of Drupal website owners and web masters who are devoting their most of time with backend and make Drupal sites successful in beating competitions.

3. Twig a New Theme Engine

Twig is PHP-based, flexible, fast, and secure theme engine to create beautiful yet powerful and more functional websites or web applications easily and quickly without reinventing wheel again-and-again.

Twig is popular, thanks to its templates, which have written in easy syntax and with the least intricacies.

4. Streamlined Content Editing with CKEditor

Drupal site owners hardly know HTML or any other programming language to edit site content frequently or regularly to keep it fresh and updated. Therefore, Drupal 8 is providing WYSIWYG editor capabilities in CKEditor features.

It provides unprecedented powers in the hands of content editors and in-place editing capabilities thanks to Spark initiatives.

Features for Drupal Developers:

Drupal developers are bricks of Drupal community building. Without addressing their needs and wishes, the Drupal community never grows and thrive for long. Therefore, Drupal 8 has much to offer them.

1. Fields Everywhere and Some New

Fields are easy to configure and edit so Drupal 8 has allowed adding fields everywhere it is applicable such as nodes, blocks, comments, taxonomy, contact forms, and some new places such as:

  • Date
  • Email
  • Link
  • Reference
  • Telephone

Drupal 8 also supports various field types besides previous supports including text, comments (Yes, the comment is a field, not a setting), image, entity reference, general, and number types.

2. Quick Edits for Fields

The new version offering in-place quick editing for Fields and other modifications in Drupal 8 website. It offers features and functionality for log into Drupal content, edit and quick fix for the code and content, and make design changes directly and quickly.

3. Views in Core of Drupal 8

Now, views are a part of the core of Drupal 8. Therefore, views are everywhere in admin screens to enable Drupal designers & developers to customize site easily and rapidly. Views enable Drupal developers to create web pages, admin section, and blocks for content, image, and design.

4. Multilingual Support

If you have ever used Drupal 7, you might have faced hurdles in the installation of numerous modules to bring multiple language support on the table. With Drupal 8, it is not the case you have to deal with only four key modules in the Drupal core, such as:

  • Configuration translation: Translate configuration interface
  • Content translation: Translate Content Entities
  • Interface translation: Translate built-in user interface
  • Language: Allow language configuration and implement them

5. Configuration Manager

  • Drupal 8 offers Configuration API built-in the core. It enables us to package the configuration as features by automatic packaging
  • Using version control system, Drupal 8 developers can keep track of changes in configuration data quite separate from the site database
  • Configuration API allows export of configuration elements including content type, fields, views, and much more from local server to live server for Drupal web development and deployment processes

6.Support for Web Services

The needs for various web services are increasing and creating several contributing modules for different web services is daunting in Drupal 7. Therefore, Drupal 8 is providing everything in the core to enable four web service modules to create REST export. Those web services are:

  • Hypertext Application Language (HAL) to serialize entities.
  • HTTP Basic Authentication.
  • REST Web Services to use RESTful Web API to open web entities to external resources.
  • Serialization to serialize or de-serialize the data in different formats including JSON and XML.

Drupal development project requirements?

Drupal 8 means to provide excellent digital experiences on the web for your target audience of your business or organization. Drupal 8 comes with tons of the latest features and functionality to make Drupal platform contemporary, as well as futuristic.

If your organization or enterprise is thriving on Drupal growth, the current post is consisting of a tiny list of those outstanding features of Drupal 8, which may make sense for you.

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