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Today various industries and companies across the globe are facing stiff competitions among their niches.We know competitions always pressure the industry to cut the cost of the products or services they provide without compromising with quality.


To remain somewhat profitable, business needs to slash the price of goods they manufacture or sell below the average market prices of the same products. It ultimately leads to cut the expenditure on production, inventory management, and shipment processes.

Moreover, the industry has to maintain its service quality intact to gain an edge over competitors. It also places pressures on service departments to find the ways to provide cheaper services yet with the same quality and zeal.

Present Status of Software Industry across the Globe:

The same is true for software development industry because it manufactures the software as an end product. Therefore, if you are living in the developed countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and several affluent European countries, you have to pay the cost of software according to the living standards of the respective countries.

Fortunately, software development or manufacturing cost varies among the developed, and developing countries software delivery quality almost remains intact if we take care of it.

Therefore, if you assigned software development project to a European company and an Indian company, you may never find differences in deliverables if you have managed project carefully and right from the beginning.

What you gain from an Indian team is the difference in the cost of final outputs at the end. It is because Indian currencies compared to dollar or Pound is cheaper and give a business in the USA an advantage of cheaper yet quality alternative.

Given Birth to Outsourcing Concept:

It has given birth of outsourcing concept and nurtured it further the both ends, businesses in developed countries and software development companies in India like developing nations.

Consequently, today thousands of outsourcing software development companies existing in India and elsewhere in developing countries. It has made sorting out one reliable and capable company for your next auspicious project, if not terrible, at least daunting!

Therefore, with our vast experiences and opinions of others who are suffering from the same pains, we have created the current post to help them out in finding a right match with the minimum hurdles.

Define Software Development Project Requirements Upfront:

Remember one thing that when you are going to ask for a software development to any company or developer, the first question you may encounter would be regarding your requirements and of your business.

Therefore, it is better you equipped with a draft, which is listing following things shortly and sweetly.

  • Current IT gaps in your organization that compel you to go for a new software or overhaul the existing ones.
  • Clarify the company that current project is a long-term need short-term.
  • Define that the software is for internal needs, a product for the market, or you want to monetize it by selling in app marketplaces.
  • Describe the Complexity of your industry or targeted audience for app entrepreneurship.
  • Try to list the features, functionality, 3rd party integrations, and integration of external services for your software product.
  • Decide whether you want it to develop it by offshoring the complete project or partially by hiring specified software developers as an extended team for your existing in-house staff
  • Study the development methods applicable for your software and select the most appropriate one for you
  • For a team from your business staff to deal with the Offshore Software Development business analysts team by assisting the developers for business requirements
  • Learn about the legal aspects of software development like laws of lands, security, source code authorization, non-discloser agreements, and privacy policies prevailing in industry
  • The most important are setting an approximate budget and timeline for the project, which is key detrimental factors
  • Define hiring methods and based on the payment methods, milestones, and software delivery methods before jumping into the sea of outsourcing industry!

Tips to Find Best Software Development Company

There are tons of advice available on the web, but hardly anyone gives practical hints. Therefore, we have made an honest effort to provide something useful.

1. Try to Get Dependable References for more than One Company

If you think you can run a query on Google and find a few software development companies ranking on the top of result pages, you are making a terrible mistake. Today hundreds of companies developing different types of software with various levels of qualities.

The majority of offshore companies on the web claiming big but ending up mediocre software that may devastate your fortunes earned by hard work and your prospects in the market before anything takes place with low quality and high maintenance products.

The best way to overcome such horrified situations, ask others in your

  • Personal: family members, friends, nearby relatives.
  • Professional: coworkers, class mates, previous collogues, company staff.
  • Social circles: friends of friends, distant family members, social media networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Prefer the people who had prior experiences with a reliable software development company.

Testimonial References:

Alternatively, you can take help of testimony of some leading software designing companies in India and elsewhere and ask for reference details so you can contact the previous clienteles of the companies directly who are around you or within your reach. Thus, you can get honest feedback regarding reputation, services, and quality of deliverables against the rates.

2. Ask for Free-Quotations from Selected Companies

Now, you have a list of your project requirements in your hand, and you can start conversations with any software designing agency you like. Every reputed company has a website and contact us page on it.

Fill up the form and start productive conversations with them to obtain a ballpark estimation for your dream software development project. They may give you estimated hours for each stage or module needed in your software.

Thus, you may have approx. Ideas to set milestones or go to fixed rate project depending on your understanding and choices. If you ask for project quotation with project proposal documents, you can compare those technical matters with each other and can reach a fruitful conclusion at the end of the entire selection process.

3. Try to Arrange Interviews of Developers for Selected Companies

When you have filtered most of the software development firms on your list and have only two or three companies remaining, you must start direct interview process with their developers those they are going to assign to your project.

During direct interviews, you can ask for:

  • CV for educational qualification and experiences.
  • Personal and team portfolio for design, programming, testing, and marketing skill sets.
  • Direct tests through assigning quick tests whatever possible remotely on virtual spaces.
  • Arranging video chat to know level of personal interactions, English language fluency, understanding of your business niche, and understanding of target audience attributes including cultural and financial/lifestyle differences.

4. Ask for Infrastructural Facilities of the Selected Companies

Without required hardware, operating systems, software, and network facilities, no talented team of developers can deliver expected results for you. Moreover, communication facilities with the latest communication technologies or channels are essential for making quick & efficient conversations with patrons residing oversea locations and with time zone differences.

Therefore, you must ask for it all and according to your needs such as for the web, mobile, or cloud-based application development. Providing collaborative and conducive environment is vital to augment creativity of human resources.

5. Ask About Human Resources Development Policies of Selected Companies

Acquiring talents is easy compared to retaining it. Because long-term retention of skilled and experienced designers and developers demands:

  • Training policies and facilities.
  • Skill development center with shared resources.
  • Enough work to provide opportunities to get professional progress.
  • Give appropriate incentives and conducive development environment to foster the talent further.

You must ask questions regarding these vital aspects so you can assure you might have long-term services from the same team or developers.

6. Ask for Security Aspects of the Selected Companies

When you are going to software development with offshore team, whether it is for the web or mobile applications, you must provide some personal info as well as many business critical data to the team.

Without it, they are unable to deliver you anything like a quality product. Thus, it is imperative to think about the data security first when you hand over all. Another critical aspect is the safety of the data and transaction of your end-users like e-commerce users making payments or transactions using your web or mobile interfaces.

Data and software security has a plenty of threats from hackers, thefts, and malicious elements on the internet and elsewhere in the physical world too. Therefore, try to sign NDA (Non-Discloser Agreement) first for your data and info security and ask for the safety measures, standards, and services for your software users by-and-large.

7.  Ask for Post-Development Services of the Selected Companies

If you believe, once the software development processing ending and deployment of software accomplishing things are over, that is your mistake. It is because, over the time, software needs maintenance and upgrade to remain contemporary.

Therefore, you need the same team or development company, which has developed your software. Otherwise, new development company or developer takes time to comprehend your software logic and code to do any modification, bug fixing, or upgrade.

To avoid reinventing the wheel, stay with the same team or company are ask your selected companies regarding post-development services, the packages, and rates if they do it on an hourly basis.

8. Finally, Ask for Marketing Services of the Selected Companies

The same goes for the marketing, particularly the websites or web applications, which need SEO-friendly code and design to hit top rankings in SERPs. SEO start right from the beginning of the web development project, so you need to take care of it.

Therefore, the best thing is that you run your internet marketing campaigns with the same company, which has developed the product, so it makes easy to do technical SEO.


You may have comprehended our efforts to find the right match for your software development project. However, every business is not lucky enough to find the good match and may have to rely on the references to us.

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