Java Game Development: Is it Ideal for Game Programming?

java game developmentYes, no doubt Java is a very popular programming language and has formed the crux of many websites. It is the most comprehensively used programming language that is used in formulating apps that range from venture servers to mainframe computers to mobile phone applications.

In short the current trend depicts Java development as a ubiquitous development program and hence is being widely used. How far Java game development is successful? Are there any takers for it? There has always been a debate over this matter for there are divided opinions on the topic.

Though it was not the most sought after platform for game development at one point in time, probably because of lack of game developers who had expertise in Java or because there was not adequate support for the game consoles, the current trends reflect a clear change from what it was in earlier times. With Java being the most primary language that the programmers use and understand, Java game programming has emerged very much as a part and parcel of this programming language.

Majority of the Java development programmers engage in coming up with personal games by making use of non complex versions. In fact, when we look at it with a keener perspective, we will understand that there are a set number of instruments that are needed for Java game development. And a few of them that fall under the category are Slick, Lightweight Java and Java 3D. In this article we will just take a brief tour into these Java game programming instruments.

Slick Java: This java game development is popular for being extremely user friendly. The Slick, as the name indicates makes graphics capacity and audio easier when compared to the Lightweight Java. This comes in with an internal installation of various gaming skeletons.

Lightweight Java: If there is any strongest game engine in Java Language, then the place definitely goes to Lightweight Java. The Java game programmers can enter the graphics library and audio which is called Open AL. In addition to this facility, this Java game development also facilitates the programmers to access as well as make game consoles and joysticks. And there could be numerous games produced for leisure as well as commercial purposes.

Java 3D: As a matter of fact, Java 3D is not specifically engineered for game development in Java. This along with Swing and AWT are an integral part of another game library but are widely used by the Java programmers for the kind of benefits they bring along. As they come in with a Java system that is in built, it gives the programmers an easy way for configuration and hence come up with another non complex game. But, there is a small glitch in the form that the Java developers have to synchronize the video and audio capacities to the system.

Though the efficacy of Java as a perfect platform for game development may continue, there are developers who have trodden and are treading the path to come up with truly engaging games. The kind of benefits that Java brings about make it a wonderful platform of game development too.

Java as a platform offers compatible language for cross platforms, it comes in with reusable code, there is ease of development and the cost at which it could be developed when compared to other programming languages is low. There are various other factors too like portability, reliability, security and stability that add to the list of advantages.

Though it was considered as very slow in terms of speed, the latest version of Java is just a little slower than C++. And the upcoming versions will be swifter than the existing version. So, speed can never be a problem. Sun Microsystems, whose brainchild is Java…has shown growing interest in business application development, and has collaborated with the giants in the gaming industry like that of the Sega and Sony.

Finally, to wind up, the current trend shows that Java is definitely a promising platform for game developers and the future also seems to be extremely promising. One could fall in love with the language for the kind of simplicity it comes in.

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