Joomla Development – A Robust Technology for Web Solutions

Joomla Development
What is Joomla?
In the world of modern technology, it is very important to use powerful web solutions to stand in the competition. Joomla – Open source online software for content management system, is one of the powerful web development sources. The term ‘Joomla’ has the origin from the Swahili word ‘Jumla’ that is meant for ‘all together’.

It is content management system used for designing creative multi-language Web-sites, blogs, online magazines and newspapers, media portals, Online communities and many interactive eCommerce applications. With Joomla, it has become easier to build and manage the content of website.

Joomla helps to create simple as well as complex Websites, providing creative applications. It is a flexible CMS used to design user friendly websites. Joomla is coded in PHP programming along with the support of MySQL database to save the information. It meets SEO requirements. It has HTML layout which is well-organized to read.

Who uses Joomla?
Joomla is used globally for all kinds of websites. Many people appreciate the power of Joomla CMS. Below are some examples that use Joomla:

  • Corporate websites
  • Online magazines, newspapers and other publications
  • Social networking sites
  • Restaurant sites
  • Educational websites
  • Cultural websites
  • NGO websites
  • E-learning websites
  • Job & recruitment websites
  • Government websites

Characteristics of Joomla:
Some of the characteristics of Joomla development are given below:

  • It allows the customization of its inbuilt features.
  • It has community support, forum and Voting for on-the-spot results.
  • It also allows customizing the components and modules of the third parties.
  • It permits the editing and adding of the content.
  • It manages the content of news or products and services.
  • It manages the image library to save JPEGs, PNGs, XLSs, DOCs and PDFs online.
  • It allows the advertisement on the user’s Website through Banner Management.
  • It loads the pages speedily with the help of module caching, page caching and ZIP compression.
  • It offers online editor and URL assistance.
  • It allows the installation of extra components according to the user’s requirements.
  • It supports multi-lingual content and provides vocabulary assistance.
  • It uploads the images to the user’s library so that the images can be used in the site.
  • It comes with a comprehensive menu manager.
  • It has number of plug-ins for different purposes.
  • It supports multi-users to work simultaneously.
  • It is search engine friendly.

Joomla developers are professionals with required knowledge of technologies that enables them to develop CMS websites of various kinds. Joomla is an uncomplicated CMS through which the person having the basic knowledge of computers can build his own website. That’s why web developers are more comfortable with Joomla.

Joomla website can be availed to create excellent web solutions. The experienced Joomla developers of ZenGo! Web Services offer the fantastic design of the website and helpful Content Management tools.

Hence, we help in designing innovative Joomla websites can appeal to the audience and enhance turnover of the business.

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