Magento Integration with SugarCRM – Get Best of Both the Worlds

Magento Integration with SugarCRMMagento, you may agree is one of the best platforms are bestowed with for e-commerce.  And to have a wonderful customer relationship management, CRM…SugarCRM development is found to be an ideal choice.  Both these systems belong to the open source solutions category and fit in most of the requirements that businesses have.  With a bit of customization, both the platforms can offer tailored solutions.  Therefore, when both are integrated into a single platform the result is undoubtedly awesome!  Magento integration with SugarCRM has become a vital choice for majority of the companies.

Is the Integration essential?
Let us first consider the Magento and SugarCRM as two distinct systems.  Magento is a wonderful eCommerce development platform that helps business run smoothly and projects the same in an exquisite manner.  There are a whole lot of features that help in managing the customers but by and large it is not a complete CRM solution.

Yes, SugarCRM may not be the right choice when you are seriously contemplating about an eCommerce platform.  But, when you want to better your relations with your customers this remains the top choice.  If you are looking forward to maximize the value of every interaction with your clients, then SugarCRM is the first option that you may look at.

So, this analysis of the two distinct systems has made us understand that they are the best in their respective fields. When we tap the advantages of these two platforms, we are bound to improve business and sales as well as better the customer experience massively too. One significant advantage that SugarCRM brings in is the automation of all the business processes and this does not give scope for any loopholes in the way business is conducted with the help of the open source platform.

SugarCRM facilitates organizations to take contact details, log calls, and add additional details to the records.   It facilitates analyzing the purchase history of all the customers, helps identify the best sellers.  Getting your hands on a number of comprehensive reports is very much possible with this platform.  One can configure the system to produce the perfect sales reports you have been longing to have.  These reports could be generated and regenerated too within minimum time.

The final verdict
We have seen that Magento as well as SugarCRM are the best of their breeds.  For businesses that are looking out for having a highly professional eCommerce platform and at a same time get the best in Customer Relationship Management systems, integrating the two has found to yield superior results than use them in isolation.

In short, the Magento integration brings along a complete business solution which gives greater control over the business, tighter security and better scalability of the various systems and helps the business have a longer and successful innings on the WWW.

Please feel free to discuss your Magento 3rd party integration requirements, we will do our best to give you a reliable solutions in real-time, thanks.

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  1. Magento Sugar CRM integration helps you to serve your customers in a much better way. With the help of SugarCRM, one can track the sales, leads, accounts of customers and better opportunities also. Selling of products is also made easy with this service.

  2. Magento SugarCRM integration can help you create a customized e-mail marketing campaign and also to keep a track of them. Measuring the marketing of ROI is also possible.

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