mCommerce – Current Trend of Electronic Commerce Industry

Most of the people explore the applications on their mobiles. Buying and selling through smart phones have become a common trend. Mobile commerce or mCommerce is about the exploring the applications on the mobile phone. mCommerce enables you to access the internet without plug in. This new technology is based on Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).

mCommerce allows the customers to make business and personal transactions online through the mobile phones. Many people are converting their ecommerce stores to m-commerce application to gain more popularity. Whether the users want to buy or sell goods or services or transfer the money online, mCommerce permits to do that.
mCommerce is the easiest way to reach the consumers on mobile phones and PDAs. With smart phone users increasing day by day, it is important for the businesses to go mobile. No doubt that mCommerce is a rapidly growing and profitable field.

More and more sales can be driven along with the additional benefits. Mobile commerce is a secure and convenient channel to make online transactions. Whether a customer wants to pay the bills online or recharge the prepaid, mobile commerce is the best suitable option. You can easily transact online as you move.

The major industries that make use of mCommerce are:

Financial services: Major banks and institutes use mCommerce. One can register and access the services as per the convenience. Money transactions can also happen easily.

Telecommunications: Several bills can be paid using mobile. mCommerce has revolutionized the world in the telecommunication market.

Service or retail businesses: Service or retail sectors are nurtured from mobile commerce. Customers can pay for the goods and services online.

Information services: The IT field uses mobile commerce to deliver the financial news, stock updates and traffic updates.

It is believed that mobile commerce is the future of the online success. As more and more people switch to smart phones, mobile commerce would keep on booming.

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  1. Mobile industry growth like twister, it is increased day by day. In country like China and India where it shows maximum effect on each and every industry. Mobile is not only device it is the platform, from where every human being can be contacted. Mobile also plays major role in electronic commerce as per the recent survey of industry giants. Current scenario is that you need to make your service availability on both mobile and web.

  2. One should however be careful that one has all the idea and clarity regarding the kind of product/service that they are selling as well as the nature of their business. It is a better idea if one sells unique products in order to catch more of a market space. This would certainly help in getting more traffic that would eventually lead to a generation of higher sales and therefore higher profits. With the advent of open source customization platforms, every business sector has been in the pace of selecting the best platform for increasing publicity of their own businesses.

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