Social Commerce – 6 Rules on the Psychology of User Engagement

Social Commerce certainly is the use of social networking website as a platform to trade various types of products. This became successful and is considered as one of the most booming industries in the market. As a matter of fact, Social Networking has become an integral part of our life as almost all of us tend to spend many hours a day on social networking sites.

Although these sites act as a platform for individuals but still they allow the users to form groups with common interests. F-Commerce and T-Commerce, Facebook and Twitter commerce respectively, are some examples of the latest social commerce media.

Understanding the Psychological elements of social commerce is very necessary. The study of the human emotions and tendencies towards decision making for social commerce purposes is very important as it helps in efficient and effective decision making by the customers. Stay aware as Awareness is empowering.

Dr. Robert Cialdini made a deep research and came up with an interesting fact. According to him, shoppers make decisions based on six universal thumb rules. These rules were also known as ‘Cialdini’s Weapons’.

Today these heuristics are referred to as the six pillars of social commerce:

1. Social Proof – Follow The Crowd: The first rule is- ‘When uncertain, look at what others are doing’. If the decision making is very tough, then psychologically, we should look at what others are doing. This helps us to make our decision in an effective manner. One should ask for advice from those who interact with him in the social networking sites.

2. Authority – The Guiding Light: The second rule says – ’Authority Rules’. During the whole procedure of trading by the customer, Authorities come into the picture to guide and help the customers to take effective and efficient decisions. Due to the expertise and authority of the specialists, their advices are highly considered and regarded.

3. Scarcity: According to the third rule- ‘Less is more’. It economically proved that if a product is scarce then its demand increases. Due to lack of availability and loss of the scarce commodity, we tend to value it as greater than its original value. As a result of this the customers participate as members to receive special deals for themselves.

4. Liking-builds Bonds & Trusts: Rule four says- ‘Follow what you like’. Agreeing, Admiring and Following the ones we like builds bonds and trusts among each other. Due to the attractions from the liked ones, one can get the best offers for himself.

5. Consistency: The fifth rule is – ‘Stay Consistent’. If the consumers face any uncertainty about their decisions, they prefer to stay with their original decisions. The customers do not prefer to take any risks by changing their decisions.

6. Reciprocity: Rule seven is that- ‘Pay it forward’. It is a human tendency to repay favours in order to maintain limpidity & transparency in the society. Hence people tend to forward and share exclusive offers and deals with others whether invited or not.

Psychology is one of the most important branches of science studies that are related with social commerce. This study shows us how a person deals with the different aspects related with social commerce. This helps us to find out how people get influenced by others and how individuals tend to interact with each other through these social networking sites.

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  1. Social ecommerce gives you an opportunity to make your brand popular not only amongst your nearby neighbourhood but the entire bunch of social media subscribers.

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