The Rise of M-Commerce: Why you should invest in Mobile App?

M-Commerce Usage and Trends

By the end of 2017, nearly 4.77 Billion people are expected to use smartphones, capable of making mobile purchases. Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our daily lives while setting a trend is no easy task. To create a mobile app which will make setting trends like augmented reality, instant Apps and direct cloud interaction will help your app to stand out.

So, if you have an online store, or planning to sell products online, Its time to first understand what will drive M-commerce in future, and prepare yourself for a huge leap.

Before we move on, first let’s take a look at usage stats and latest trends in Smartphone Apps.

Rapid Growth of Smartphone Users:

As shown in the mobile phone usage stats from 2013 to 2019 nearly 4.77 Billion people will be using smartphones by end of 2017. But statistical also estimated that there will be 222.9 million smartphone users in the U.S by 2017, and it is expected to grow to 264.3 million by 2021.

Latest Application Trends in Mobile Industry:

1. More spotlight on security and privacy in Apps

As the mobile app industry grows with 3rd party SDKs gain dominance and apps gather more and more data. Which means that the risks, vulnerabilities, and security breaches are getting massively bigger as well.

There is a great worry for application developers and mobile app development owners who are constantly uptight about their apps’ performance and user data. This year app security is without a hint of an app development trend.

2. More pleasing User Experience (UX)

The significance of user experience and designing it correctly has been getting more attention from the companies whose objective is to keep their customers happy. In this blog, we try to explain how investing into UX is crucial for your business.

UX experience has increased their profits by 37%, and top leaders in America to outperform the S&P with close to triple the returns a significant lead. This clearly shows the ROI of UX design.

3. Shifting landscape of web-based app due to Accelerated Mobile pages

It’s projected for Google who started the Accelerated mobile pages project. Apart from that, Google recently has announced that there will be a separate search index for the mobile web.

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This revolutionary step changes the mobile app trend entirely that are going to stay in next year too.

4. The Trending of Chatbots

The trends in chatbots are a conversational interface, installed with artificial intelligence, cognitive abilities, and power of natural language extracting. It becomes important and fast growing technology through which people can access information.

There’s an incredible growth in the popularity of chatbots that contain recent changes in digital escapades and actions taken by giants like big companies of IT sector.

5. Growing cloud-driven Mobile Apps

Mobile enterprise application platforms provide the platform where the information is sent to the mobile device from the mobile cloud fits the mobile device screen and the mobile ecosystem for mobile application enable to access to business apps from mobile devices.

The data processing and storage take place outside the mobile devices, and results are displayed on mobile devices.

6. Internet of Things will be Much Bigger

I know, I am mentioning all the buzz words we keep hearing. This contains everything from cell phones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices and almost anything else you can think of.

It’s made on cloud computing and networks of data collection sensors. It’s mobile, virtual and instantaneous connection

7. Artificial Intelligence is real now

AI is mainstream these days. The attention it gets and feelings it provokes cover the whole scenario: from hands-on technical to business, from social science to pop culture, and from theories to awe and perplexed.

Artificial Intelligence powered technology will be so smart, they will take over much of the jobs currently in the workforce. But artificial intelligence programs know more, particularly when it comes to specific areas.

8. AR & VR will show some magic

Augmented reality and virtual reality is an important mobile app development trend to watch out for this year. With the release of Pokemon Go in 2016, there’s no surprise that augmented reality will continue to rise.

Dominating the app store, this mobile games proves AR technology has great potential to influence consumers in engaging and meaningful ways. Games Like Pokemon Go, iOnRoad, Sky siege and myNav are bright examples of AR games whereas, VR devices like Samsung Gear VR, Google cardboard, and Oculus Rift is gaining popularity.

9. Enterprise Mobile Apps and Micro-Apps are a way to go ahead

Enterprise mobile application refers to a mobile application that is used in the business world to the problems of an enterprise. Basically, an enterprise application is software platform which is very big and weird.

Enterprise mobile applications are created to either combine or interface with other  applications. Moreover apps that are constructed with the intention of installing various networks and operating systems; however, they are still developed with administrative management and security capabilities.

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