vTiger Vs SugarCRM – Which One is the Best CRM for YOU!

Maintaining customer relationships is very important for every business. No matter whether you’re a small organization or a large company, you would need to deal with your customers. There are many CRMs available in the market. There’s a never ending battle between SugarCRM and vTiger. Both of them have different advantages and disadvantages. After having a look at the pros and cons, you may decide which one you would like to go for custom CRM development.

vTiger CRM Software:


  • This CRM is good for small and medium sized organizations. It can be written with JavaScript, PHP and Visual Basic. Your company CRM can be easily managed using vTiger. It has several tools and add-ons available which can assist you to enhance the productivity of your business.
  • vTiger is easy to use and loads faster. Many people find this CRM fast loading when compared to SugarCRM.
  • One can easily control the purchase orders, invoices and the price lists. The sales related activities can also be controlled by the automatic modules available.
  • It also helps to enhance the customer relationship as it maintains the customer details and the information about them. So, whenever you need to contact the customers, you just need to access the CRM and you get all the required information ready.


  • Some people find it tricky to install vTiger.
  • Some additional files can also be required for its installation.
  • vTiger is known to be compatible with all the browsers.

vTiger developer helps you to customize CRM application as per your custom needs and specific functions.

SugarCRM Software:

Sugar CRM is popular because of its advanced features. It enhances the marketing effectiveness. You can easily execute and track the campaigns across multiple channels.

The sales people in your organization can track and share the contacts and manage the accounts. Sugar CRM enables the managers to monitor the business performance through the reporting tools.


  • It loads slower than vTiger CRM.
  • Some of the add-ons are not free for installation.
  • Upgradation task is very resource consuming process.

Our CRM developer do SugarCRM customization to satisfy your business oriented functionalities, and also solve the issues related to loading speed, complex module development, integration, theme design, new invention with our years of expertise and core resource for same.


SugarCRM vs vTiger, both are very good and having strong characteristics over the specific modules and functions. For the selection process, you first need to study your business and identify customer specific requirements. Then retrieve the functional area and modules list as per your business services and also consider scope of future development and functionalities.

Then compare vTiger and SugarCRM for strong points as per your company requirements. Now, you can easily take decision!

If want to discuss your CRM application idea then we are happy to help you, we will provide you an advanced discussion board which will clear all the cloud and show you the SUN! Please feel free to contact us to get free quote!

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  1. SugarCRM is better choice due to its experts. There are very few companies are available who provides vTiger coding, and yes, it’s very hard to manage. Large pool of developers is working with SugarCRM compare to vTiger. Thanks for wonderful topic.

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