Web Portals Are An AID to Web Navigation

Enterprise Web PortalA Web Portal is a website which works as a single source for different information on a particular domain. It is a useful access point which helps the users to go easily from one page to another while navigating for information which they are in search of.

Web Portal gives a list of information arranged well for the accessing purpose of the users. Placing the right amount of keywords in the pages at the right positions also can make a difference to your website traffic. Ultimately what matters in content development and SEO is to understand and provide what customers search for the most online.

Portals have information stored which links to various topics like business, new, finances, travel, entertainment, shopping and so on. The popular portals on the internet are Yahoo!, AOL and Google. These portals can be termed as personal portals, as it stores the history data, emails and profile information of the user. There portals which are meant for other purposes too.

High resolution images and big files of videos may be required to attract people but it’ll be of no use if the page takes long time to load. An ideal portal depends mainly on search and navigation, notification, personalization, task management, work flow and collaboration. Enterprise portal development can be divided into two divisions – Horizontal Enterprise Portals or Mega Portals or HEPs and Vertical Portals or Vertical Enterprise Portals or VEPs.

Horizontal Enterprise Portals (HEPs)
A Horizontal Portal is a website that is public and helps to give its users all the necessary services they are in need of. Examples of horizontal portals or HEPs are NetCenter and MyExcite. Horizontal Enterprise Portals include chat groups, horoscopes, weather, stock prices, news and shopping.

These send requests to users for making their page the first page one sees while using the web. These personalizes the page one sees by selecting the city one chooses for knowing the weather, selecting the new sources and stocks one likes to be displayed on the page and alter the web page appearance.

Thus one is able to build multiple stock portfolios and see the updated valuations very often. It has to be noted that if one access HEP from another computer, it loses all the personalization characteristics. HEPs does not give any kind of information related to any organizations, as they are not connected to any data sources of any organization other than their own. It delivers access to all the web information one needs on one’s own organization.

Vertical Enterprise Portals (VEPs)
Vertical Enterprise Portals or VEPs deliver information related to any organization. For the purpose of authentication, a VEP needs authentication. A Vertical Enterprise Portal is an enterprise portal which is used in a specific department for particular business functions like accounting, customer service or e-commerce. When a user logs to a VEP, a customized portal page is produced. This is linked to the user who is logged on to.

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