What does iPhone 6 and iOS 7 bring in?

iPhone 5 with iOS 7iPhone apps developers are excited for the release of iPhone 6 and IOS 7. The next version of Apple operating system promises a lot. As we all know that Apple releases a new iPhone every year, we can expect iPhone 6 to be launched in 2013.

The details about the new hardware or software have not been revealed. Development logs would be tracked with the new version of the operating system. IP address would also be tracked. However, nothing is certain from server logs and IP addresses.

There are some rumors that iPhone 6 would be launched in mid-2013. We wish that it should have better app management along with custom default apps. Sources have indicated that Apple wishes to keep the information about the new release a secret.

Studies have shown that when Apple launches any new version of iPhone, more than 5 million people buy it within the first week of its release. Apple products are so popular that people love the products as it satisfies the individual needs by its various features.

iPhone 6 offers you various and advanced features that you could just think of in your dreams. It is known that it has excellent map elements to make your search amazing with high resolution quality. It contains more languages than the previous versions had. Hence, it can reach many countries.

One can add passes to Passbook through emails, apps and websites. Another added advantage is that FaceTime works with cellular networks and Wi-Fi too. FaceTime can be used wherever you are, on any device. IOS 7 has many new calling features.

As Apple is working on its new iPhone, the users are waiting for the next release to make use of the new apps and features. The final features of the new version of iPhone would be revealed soon.

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