Which is the Best Mobile Operating System?

mobile osAccording to a recent research, most of the mobile app developers and users plan to use iPhone OS for future developments. 81 percent of the people prefer using Apple’s iPhone OS while 74 percent of the people prefer using Blackberry OS.

The most popular open source mobile platforms are Android and Symbian. Developers across the globe opt for Android and Symbian mobile platforms. The strong system capabilities and ease of use makes Symbian a trusted choice of many. The processing speed is quite higher as the phone memory is utilized.

Symbian has low developer support. The developers always look for the mobile platforms which are well established and widely adopted. Hence, iPhone comes into picture. iPhone and iPad platforms are easy to use. Even a computer illiterate or a first timer can use these platforms easily. iPhone was launched with 500 apps and the number has reached to 65,000 now. iPhone app store make it a preferred choice of many developers and users.

According to the study, Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS has also gained popularity in the mobile platform market. Windows mobile has the largest audience. Hence, Windows OS builds strong relationships with the users. The large library of programs and applications is an added advantage.

Blackberry is a popular OS platform as web browsing becomes faster in Blackberry. A number of enhancements have been made to Blackberry since the last few years. RIM has worked extensively to expand Blackberry OS to the global market.

Mac OS X is a reasonable choice for most people. The people who can purchase Mac can go for Mac OS as it is an excellent operating system. One can also opt for Linux which is available for free. Linux is recommended only for the experienced users. Being fully customizable, it is a preferred choice of many developers. Linux is known for good performance.

As per the recent news, Ubuntu OS for smartphones and tablets has been officially released. This is a big news in mobile OS industry.

As per the current situation, The regular updates and the added features make iPhone OS the best operating system. It is one of the most advanced operating systems. With thousands of apps in every category, iPhone OS is a trusted choice of many.

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