Why is PHP a Preferred Choice for Web Development?

PHP Web DevelopmentPHP is widely used as a web development technology. Many websites use PHP as the scripting language. Users are very happy with the performance of such websites. PHP is a popular tool for developing dynamic websites and web portals. This language ensures user friendly interface and security.

40% of the websites are built using PHP. Nowadays, 72% of application developers are working in PHP for web development according to the recent survey of 2012 of .Net magazine’s Web Design and Development.

Being an open source, it contributes to innovative programming. It is a cost effective and affordable solution for web development. The coding style is easy to understand and works on all the platforms. It does not require making many changes manually.

PHP is the most adaptable language and this advantage makes it popular among the web application developers and users. The whole content of the website can be kept in the database and accessed when required. The programmers can easily store the database in it.

PHP can be used for developing:

  • Community website
  • Personal and Business website
  • Web portals
  • eCommerce
  • CMS systems
  • Mobile and tablet apps
  • CRM application
  • Web based application
  • Software
  • Chatting platform
  • Social networking website
  • Blogging website

Benefits of PHP Programming:

  • Free open source
  • Reduces server bills
  • Very easy to understand
  • Works on all the platforms
  • Cost effective solution

As the script is optimized, it makes server’s job easy. As it is independent of the external plug ins, multimedia files can also be created. PHP is the best solution for anyone who wants a simple with grate ROI. It requires minimum investment. Even if you want to use it for free, you can download it and make the changes as per your requirements. You can also take developers’ help to enhance the functionality.

This open source has no restrictive licenses. It can be used for commercial and personal purposes. PHP is a user friendly platform which ensures quality web based application at affordable rates. Eye catchy websites can be created within your budget. It ensures high performance and great quality.

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